Sunday Nov. 19th at 6pm The PGK Project will present THE SAN DIEGO DANCE SHOWCASE at The Lyceum Theater MAINSTAGE.

This is part of the week long residency The PGK Dance Project has at The Lyceum each Fall.

We are interested and invested in presenting up to 7 local Dance Companies, independent artists of ANY STAGE in their career.  So, we don’t care how old, how young, established, emerging, re-emerging and WE DEFINITELY DON”T CARE WHAT STYLE.

We have assembled a regional, national, international panel NOT ASSOCIATED year round with THE PGK Project of Dance Fans, producers, directors, agents, managers who will review applications and video and by consensus select 7.  This includes: Sean Curran (Chair, Tisch School of the Arts NYU – BESSIE Award winning performer – former principal dancer Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company), Rachel Cohen of Cohen Arts Associates LA, Gunta Liepina (Fulbright Scholar in Dance, Estonia), Susanna Peredo – Vanguard Culture, Jill Lewis – SoCAL & Arizona University Dance Arts Patron/Advocate, Donna Gentile – Associate to the New Jersey Council for the Arts.

CRITERIA is SUPER SIMPLE: Quality – Craft – Execution (choreography and dancing), would this panel – pay to see this artists work again, endorse it, sponsor it, represent them, present them on their platform.  Feels this company/artist has a strong voice and relationship to the evolution of dance; potential part of WHAT should be now, NEXT in dance!

WHAT: Applying is DAMN EASY and We are ONLY SEEKING WORKS that have ALREADY Been made and performed and we don’t care where or when.

Apply When: RIGHT NOW!

DEADLINE: August 15th @ 5pm PACIFIC (not 6, 9 or midnight)

Decisions Announced: Friday Sept. 1st by 5pm Pacific

WE are not seeking proposals for NEW WORKS

WHY? We can’t support it.  We are able to provide each of the artists with up to 2 hrs of time daily in one of our partner studios for up to 10hrs maximum.

Anything more you want or need is on your own. Seriously, No New Works.


YOUR PAYMENT is the result of Ticket Sales after production expenses.

The PGK Project is PROVIDING: 

Lyceum Theater (MAINSTAGE), FREE Parking for you and your dancers day of, minimal SIMPLE light cues created in collaboration with our lighting designer day of show plus spacing rehearsal and run piece once (30 minute blocks for all, not more).  Schedule will be tight because PGK DANCE has a 2pm matinee same day on the same stage.  So, some of you will be scheduled in a.m and others after our show.  Miss your appointment and our designer will give you basic lighting and you let us know when to turn them on and then off.  Access to dressing rooms, all that is needed.  ANYTHING FURTHER is on YOU!

NO you will not be able to: Fly things in, hang things on electrics, basically anything that feels like “production” beyond lights or props that YOUR DANCERS handle YOU CAN’t DO.  Save that for your own show : )

We will provide Marketing and Promotion AND Create POSTCARDS for your show and SO therefore, we will hope that you will do your best to fill a good portion of the 500 seats available between 7 companies/independents.

REMEMBER: The More you all SELL, the more You ALL EARN!  Here’s How

The PGK Project will share with the artists our projected production expenses budget for this performance so this is transparent and you can gauge your potential fee.

Once the panel selects the 7 we MAY develop an empowering strategy where each artists can control a certain amount of tickets they can sell independently to help them generate their own financial return. Sold tickets will be tracked and attached to the seller so they can claim their return on sales.

We don’t want this to be a popularity contest where the artist with more “friends” earns more money because we want to acknowledge and respect everyone’s artistic efforts first.  However, there does need to be some fair system in place that also rewards people for their Marketing and Promotional efforts which directly connects to the BUSINESS side of what we do and how we will learn to generate sustainability around our work.  It’s the same for all established companies; no matter how great the work – if people don’t buy tickets then how you gonna pay the staff, dancers, choreographers?  Grants are only so much and extremely unreliable.

The hope and goal in providing this opportunity is so that people can have a “low-risk” chance to feel supported, gain some insight into how to move their work forward using feedback from our panel and being at least semi-presented vs. always self-producing.

THIS IS NOT A CONTEST but instead an opportunity provided for our community by The PGK Project, Inc.

ARTISTIC & PRODUCTION GUIDANCE: I am also making myself available to each of the selected artists as a mentor figure.  To come in to provide feedback and suggestions as much or as little.  This is not a Tim Gunn “make it work” thing; the assumption is that you already have some decent skills otherwise you wouldn’t have been selected by our esteemed panel.  However, this could be an opportunity to rather than re-stage or re-present a work previously seen to consider some of your previous choices and see what can be learned, improved.  Go back to that spot you didn’t love the last time and make it into something you can.  If you didn’t wonder about who your audience was before than perhaps this is the time to wonder about it.

I won’t be offended if none of you want my help.  I will however caution not to ask too many others in to avoid confusing the issues or concerns with too many options.  Less is always more I have learned especially in dance.

EVERYONE WHO APPLIES: regardless of selected or not gets a ticket to:

The PGK Dance Project “FALLS BACK” into The Lyceum Theater Friday & Saturday Nov. 17th & 18th @ 730pm and Sunday Nov. 19th @ 2pm.


If I still have Your Attention AND you are still interested than do the following ASAP and NO Later than August 15th @ 5pm Pacific.  Late submissions with or without excuses will be deleted.


*All Submissions Will be ANONYMOUS to our panel.  During their process they only receive Your Video and nothing more.  No Name, No history to assist in avoiding as much potential bias (conscious/unconscious).

They will make their decisions based only on the CRITERIA.

They will only learn about the 7, and only the 7 selected after the fact.



Subject Line: San Diego Dance Showcase Applicant


Company Name or Name of Independent

Name of Director/Lead Artist

Brief History of Company/Artist (for Promo Purposes Only)

Your Contact: Email & Phone & Zip Code

VIDEO LINKS: Panel Preferences

Panel Prefers 1 Video of the Proposed Work in its entirety PLEASE.

However, if you do not have the entire work we will take AS MUCH as you’ve got even if its up to 5 (no more please) separate links.

Please, keep in mind that if you send many excerpts this can negatively effect the panels impression, experience of your work.  They won’t have a complete sense of it.  (REMEMBER: they have no benefit of context. This is a at FACE VALUE Process) This does not however, mean it could not be selected.

ALL SUBMISSIONS will be “pre-screened” before sent to the panel for review.

So, submissions that have links representing different works will be discarded.

You can ONLY PUT FORWARD ONE WORK for your application.  It’s Your Choice which one you want the panel to Review.

Links with poor video quality where it is challenging to see your dance deleted.

We can’t waste the time of our panel members who are volunteering time.

Include correct passwords when relevant.

Pretty sure you shouldn’t have any questions BUT if you do use same email.

THAT’s It!  Good Luck

Peter G. Kalivas, Founding Director The PGK Project, Inc.